Successful and Interesting School Trips to Normandy

There are myriad reasons to consider school trips to Normandy. This picturesque French region is home to some truly fascinating historical sites and award winning attractions. School parties have the opportunity to enjoy pristine beaches, experience the delightful local cuisine and visit the many historical and cultural attractions.


History teachers will undoubtedly want to take their students on a tour of Bayeux. It is worth bearing in mind that this intriguing town is usually packed out with tourists during the summer months – so be prepared. Students can take the opportunity to wander around the Romanesque church, enjoy some French food in the local cafés, then move on to the local museum to see the world famous Bayeux Tapestry. This stunning medieval work of embroidery features images of the clothes, weapons and boats that were used in 1066.

D Day Landing Beaches

Organisers of school trips may be keen to continue the historical learning experience by taking students to the D Day landing beaches. Keen history students will be fascinated by stories of the allied invasions, which took place in 1944. They may also want to pay their respects to the soldiers who were buried here in the wartime cemeteries. There may also be an opportunity to speak to historians who have played a key part in the maintenance of this major historic site.


Students can learn even more about the devastating effects of war during school trips to Rouen. Many of the old buildings and streets were destroyed during repeated bombing raids, however a great deal of restoration work has been carried out in order to recapture the spirit of this charming town. Students now have the opportunity to visit the bustling local markets, wander around history museums and view famous works by artists such as Degas, Caravaggio and Velasquez.


School trips to Normandy should include a visit to Giverny in order to enhance the knowledge of art or history students. While here they will be able to visit the home of Claude Monet, widely regarded as one of the best impressionist artists of all time. They’ll be able to view the famous tranquil water lily garden, which was the subject of numerous of his paintings. There may also be enough time to explore one of the nature trails that stretch across the hills of Giverny.

Suisse Normande

Students of subjects such as geology or geography may be interested in a visit to the Suisse Normande. This is a delightful area, with views stretching for miles into the hills and the opportunity for students to spot some unusual species of flora and fauna. After a hard day’s hiking, students can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the charming dining establishments in Caen.

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